September Partners is an executive search firm with more than 30 years of combined experience. We help companies build successful sales and operations teams—both locally and nationally. Our extensive industry experience gives us a clear understanding of the positions we fill and the candidates that we represent. We are located in Southern New Hampshire, less than an hour from Boston.

Our clients are primarily small to mid-sized growth companies delivering innovative products and services in the technology and communications industries, including telematics. Our areas of executive search specialization include jobs in sales, sales management, business development, marketing, engineering and professional services.

We have demonstrated exceptionally high standards for the people we recruit through a significant track record of quality searches and successful placements. We work closely with our client companies to proactively recruit top performers that satisfy their unique requirements. Our value comes from the strength of our network of contacts and a unique approach to the assignments we accept.

We believe we have two clients—the Company and the Candidate. We take the time to know you, understand your goals and strive to exceed your expectations. We will not waste your time by sending you out on an interview that does not meet your career goals. We will not send client Companies “paper” in the hope that something will stick.

September Partners has a long-term, vested interest in the growth of our clients and the careers of the people we represent. We welcome the opportunity to work with you as you grow your business and professional career.

Our reputation is “gold” to us. We strive to bring the highest level of ethics and professionalism to every client engagement.

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